Kyle Lariat Necklace by Layer the Love



Product Details

Meet Kyle- your new versatile and multi-use necklace that features our signature midi paperclip chain. She's essentially a 21 inch long chain with an elegant lobster clasp that hooks directly onto the chain itself so you can decide where to hook it, making it an easily adjustable lariat necklace. You can also wear it as a long paperclip chain- and even that's adjustable since you can hook the clasp directly onto the chain. The possibilities are endless!  

Made with love in Brooklyn, NY

What is gold filled? Gold filled means that there is a thick layer of solid gold pressure bonded to a high-quality jewelers’ brass core. Because gold filled must be 1/20th (or 5%) pure gold by weight, the result is a high quality, durable piece of jewelry that is the next best thing to solid gold. It will not turn your skin green, will not tarnish and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It’s a great, more affordable alternative to solid gold that can still be worn every day.