Boob Tape - Totally Invisible (16.4 Feet Roll)



Product Details

Our exclusive Boob Tape is the only totally invisible roll of breast lift tape that gives you va va voom cleavage.Boob Tape is designed for all the strapless and backless bra free support and lift you need! Boob Tape Application Instructions

♥Using sharp scissors, cut “Boob Tape” to desired length

♥Remove paper backing that says “Peel Off”

♥Apply tape to body

♥Remove clear outer tape along the pink strip

♥Repeat steps until you achieve the look you are after

♥Pre-test a strip of Boob Tape on your breasts for skin sensitivity or allergies How to Apply Boob Tape

♥Clean skin of all moisturisers & powders before applying

♥Do not apply over broken, damaged or sun-burned skin

♥Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation occurs Removal

♥Remove Boob Tape gently & slowly. Do not rip off like a Band Aid. Support the skin when peeling off Boob Tape slowly

♥ Using baby oil or moisturiser can assist with a smoother removal