What I'm Wearing - Working From Home

Posted on March 27 2020

What I'm Wearing - Working From Home

If you are anything like me, you are NOT experienced with the WFH lifestyle. My cousin Meg, who works remotely (every dang day) gave me some great advice the other day. So, here is some Covid Era advice for working at home. 

1. Put on pants! Dressing comfy is a great perk, but too comfy (ie- roll right out of bed) and motivation can be a struggle and it's a slippery slope from there...

2. Have a dedicated office space - NOT in front of a TV, on the couch/bed or where it can be noisy (kids at home too?) Also, recreate your personal office vibe - play music, keep desk snacks, fill a water bottle, etc.

3. Stick to a schedule. Did you walk into work at 8:15 every morning with coffee in hand? Do the same going into your home office. Take lunch/coffee breaks at the same times you normally would. (This is also the opportunity for laundry/cleaning/dog walking time).

4. Stay connected with coworkers. I work remotely for a company in a different country and 3 hours behind me, but through interoffice messaging and video calls daily, communication stays open.

5. Disconnect at the end of the day. Having your office only feet from you now, it can be easy to keep working late or answer emails that would normally be for the next day. Walk away, close a door, keep the expectation that company time is valuable but so is your home time. Keep these things separate.

6. Enjoy the slippers, puppy/cat co-workers and no commute or anyone else using your favorite coffee mug. 


This is my new favorite work from home outfit that was inspired by one of YOU who just purchased it from our website. (I like where your head is at!) Our Denim Belted Easy Pant sold out at the store once already and we were able to get more before things got real. I am going to be bold and say that these are more comfortable that sweatpants. The fabric is made out of 100% Tencel and is buttery soft and drapey. An elastic waistband keeps you comfortable while the belt pulls it all together. And don't worry, there are POCKETS! On top I layered our Spring Crochet Cardigan that goes with just about everything. The quality is amazing and also soft and comfortable. 
long sleeve polka dot button front top
Doing video calls? I suggest a cute top with your favorite jeans. There is just something about polka dots that put me in a good mood and give me energy. And I know that is something we ALL need right now. Our Polka Dot Top looks great tied or with a French tuck. 
Getting dressed in the morning in something that makes you feel good is a great way to keep things feeling a little "normal" in these uncertain times. Best of luck out there, friends! Stay inside. Be kind to yourself.


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