Tough Times, Smooth Skin

Posted on March 31 2020

Tough Times, Smooth Skin

by Jenn Dugan


Did your world just turn upside down this past week?


We’re still reeling. At The Makeup Curio Unusual, all five of our theater productions have been postponed with hopes of being rescheduled late next month. Meanwhile, the Makeup Curio Beauty is moving forward by continuing to book Summer/Fall weddings and working to bring you virtual makeup classes!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and more changes occur, social distancing and quarantine are becoming absolute necessity. But that doesn’t have to mean neglecting self care; as a matter of fact, it should be quite the opposite. Since many of us will be spending more time home and less time out, we thought it may be a great time to offer tips on beauty health and home care.

Beauty health, to us, means your skin. Did you know the skin is the largest organ we have? It lives and breathes, protecting and cleansing all the other systems. This is why taking care of the skin on your face, hands, arms, legs and every other part of your body is so important. So here are some tips for keeping it in tip top shape at home:


While your skincare routine for your face should include exfoliation about once a week, your body can be exfoliated every other day. Sloughing off the dead skin will help you feel cleaner, brighter and softer. It also aids circulation, cellular turnover and lymphatic drainage, giving your skin the best chance at working for you now and in the long-term.

At home exfoliant is simple: We LOVE to mix coconut oil and sugar (with approximately a 1:2 ratio), add in a few drops of essential oil, and apply in the shower. You can check out Bespangled for a great at-home recipe (and bonus craft).


Increased hand washing and the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning can leave your hands clean but quite dry. Moisturizing will keep them feeling comfortable, and make your skin less susceptible to cracking or injury. It also helps your cuticles and nails, which can become brittle and breakable in this hygiene surge as well.

We suggest purchasing reusable travel-size containers to fill with Aveeno Skin Relief 24hr Moisturizing Lotion for your on-the-go needs. We also can’t stop talking about Black Kettle Soap Co.’s Moonshine Goat Milk Cream, which is local and AMAZING!


With events cancelled and more time on your hands, maybe you can take 15 minutes to relax with a face mask! Masks can hydrate, exfoliate, cleanse, and infuse the skin with vitamins, minerals and active complexes. But not all masks are created equal.

Have oily skin? Use a charcoal or clay mask.

Feeling dry? Sheet masks are easy and cooling, while masks with creamy consistencies have the most active ingredients.

Our favorite brands for all of the above include ToGo Spa, Fountain of Youth (available at The Makeup Curio studio), and Black Kettle Soap Co.


Did you know that hydrating internally (i.e. drinking water) will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles? The more moisture your skin has, the more supple and less shriveled it will look. So fill up that cup and have a cold one!

It’s important to note, especially in the case of mixing up sugar scrub or applying and removing face masks, you should be careful to wash your hands fully before, during, and after the entire process.

While it may feel as if the earth has stopped turning or CDC guidelines seem unnecessary yet, it seems this is only the beginning. As we’ve already experienced, hard choices and sacrifices need to be made for the best of all our friends and neighbors in the wake of this pandemic. In these uncertain times it is important to remain vigilant about health and hygiene, but also to be kind. While you’re home, don’t forget to check in on your elderly neighbor or your local small businesses and arts organizations. Make sure you remain educated about the ins and outs of the virus, as well as suggested protocol. And most importantly, take care of yourself - inside and out.

Jenn Dugan is the owner of The Makeup Curio, a makeup and skincare studio in downtown Schenectady NY where we blend the beautiful and the unusual. The Makeup Curio is a makeup and skincare studio offering facials, waxing and makeup.  Makeup services include options for brides, special occasion, makeup design for theater and film, and Halloween applications. Skincare and esthetic services include facials and waxing, dermaplaning and LED light therapy. Jenn has an extensive background in theatrical costumes, hair, and makeup. Having received a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design from Marist College in 2004, Jenn went on to freelance around the country in the world of entertainment. Because many smaller theaters had low budgets, as a costume designer, Jenn also frequently designed the hair and makeup. A self taught makeup artist, Jenn learned through books, interacting with other professionals, and trial and error. She has since transformed clients for their wedding day, fashion photos, film shoots, Halloween, and theatrical performances. Other questions about your skin and beauty health? EMAIL US


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